Violent sleeping and soft strangulation. Long sentences describing self-descriptive pictures. Full stop. Half stop.  Ashleigh’s work juxtaposes everyday ritualism with unusual focal protagonists to create a sincere insight on the human body and its world.  Her autobiographic documentation celebrates the banal, the gruesome, the glamorous, the random, the re-occurring, the religious, the excrement, the cat, the textural, the alive, the phallic, the obvious, the interior, the lists, the hairy, the subtle and the matching.  Images appear self-justified and aware of their content even if we (the invited guests) are not.  Titles (I hope your gravestone is in comic sans) often accompany unrelated images (froth maggots). And cats (casually chewing on your toenails while waiting at the bus stop) often accompany beanbags (fat steak no match for skinny woman).  The mixed media combination of image+text+found+objects adds to the world of improvised portraiture and confused perspective close-ups. An obviously subtle display of opposites and similarities fabricates an anti-narrative world of layered exploration.