Detail 1

Confused about weather. The story was wild from start to finish. I feel like it’s really good when you like your girlfriend. Meat sweats. Root to eyebrow connection. We who see. Creature of extreme habit. Die fast and quiet. Decidedly undecided. Always wash pits before going out. Try to look healthy. Things I think you would like. It concerns me with the ease at which you all lie. Is it paint by numbers. Expected to conform. Nobody knows everything except for God. You little whippersnapper. I’ve always wanted to buy the museum and make it my house. Natural habits. Fat fingers tying shoes. Ways to peel and orange. Rich problems.

Detail 2

How to shit in the woods. Naughty horse. Fashions that please him. I told you I was sick. Bland muesli and other disappointing subjects. Phillip on the prowl-wasted-looking for food.

Detail 3

I've got a yellow boa constrictor and I'm going to lower it into the bowl.

But the best of all is to fall asleep with a piece of bread. Casually eating your toenails at the bus stop. Dry elbows. Thumb sucking and other mildly interesting behaviour. The story about the hole in the bottom of my jean leg. Your neck tastes like salt and vinegar chips. Aggressively buying milk from the home-ware store. The art of being specific.

Detail 4

 I can feel a big cow in my stomach and he feels happy.

Detail 5

Noodles make everything better. There’s nothing like being a hunch back. There’s nothing like walking into an air conditioned room on a freezing cold day. Plastic and other eatable solids. I’m always happy except for when I’m not. Don’t kiss me I will give you nose bleeds. Froth maggot. Hideously awkward. Lisle bites Cameron. I can’t eat that I’m full, I’m fucked. Bird on a stick. The perks of being bald. No one comes out of the gym feeling hydrated. It’s a long way to go for an under cooked sausage.

Detail 6